The 5 Best Writing Apps For Android

Writers come in many forms and types. Some write novels, others write technical articles, and others, like me, compose blog articles. There are screenwriters, poets, playwrights, satirists, lyricists, librettists, and speechwriters. The interesting thing is that we all have many or all identical tools. Some prefer using typewriters instead of the digital version of word processors, but it’s great to have the tools you need within your smartphone for when the urge strikes and you’re tempted to note it down. Nowadays, it’s easy to compose on various devices, including tablets and smartphones. This is great for people who need something mobile to express their creativity. It’s good to know that there are a variety of writing apps available on Android to provide you with the most enjoyable experience. The majority of them work best when you use the help of a Bluetooth keyboard instead of using keyboard software.

List Of Writing Apps For Android!

There are many types of writers available tech writers, bloggers, screenwriters, magazine writers, screenwriters, novelists, authors, and even researchers. But These are The Best Writing Apps For Android which are mentioned below!

1) Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Preview is an exclusive app designed for Android tablets that allows you to make, edit and, of course, open any document in Word format. All via your Android device and in perfect image quality.

Writing Apps For Android

Microsoft Word app allows its users to create, edit, view, and share files Word documents on their mobile or tablet at no cost. Word can also let users review and edit Office Docs attached to emails. With Word, the Word application Word, your Office can move along with you.

Microsoft Word Features

  • Make use of Microsoft Word as a cover letter writer by leveraging our gorgeous templates.
  • Documents can be easily made to meet any writing requirement.
  • Editing and formatting with extensive formatting and layout.
  • Document editor helps keep layouts and formats looking stunning.
  • Docs App has templates for cover letters, resume forms, templates, etc.


2) Writer Plus

Writer Plus is the enhanced version of James McMinnin’s Writer, a word processor that is free of the hassle and distractions of a traditional word processor. The Writer Plus is great for writing notes, novel lyrics, poems, or essays on your tablet or phone.

Writer Plus’s motto is Keep it simple. So, Writer Plus is as simple as is possible, providing you with a place to convert your thoughts into text and write them down.

Writer Plus Feature

  • Edit, Open and save the plain text file
  • Folder Support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Markdown format
  • Words and Characters Word and Character
  • Undo & Redo
  • Share
  • Night Mode Mode
  • Style of Android Material UI


3) Jotterpad

JotterPad is an editor of text that combines an elegant and simple interface with impressive, exciting features. It doesn’t matter whether you are just using it to record your shopping list or planning to write a novel; the application has everything you require to complete your work.

Writing Apps For Android

It designed for creative writers. JotterPad is a basic text editor without the fuss and distractions of the word processor. It’s perfect for writing novels, books, poetry, lyrics, essays, drafts, and screenplays. The simple interface for typing allows you to concentrate on transforming your thoughts into words. Work on your project with no distractions as you write to your heart’s content.

Jotterpad Features

  • Dictionary
  • Thesaurus
  • Search & Replace
  • Rhyming Dictionary
  • Theme: Light/dark
  • Night light
  • In-app file manager


4) Google Docs

Google Docs is one of The Best Writing Apps For Android. It is a version of the official text-editing tool provided by Google that has been completely adaptable specifically for Android devices. It lets you create and modify text documents to share them on the Internet and collaborate on them in tandem with others.

Google Docs is a free online service that provides an advanced text editor that you can use using your browser or most mobile devices. The documents are synced to Google Drive and are available regardless of where you access them. The documents are stored in the cloud, and you can download them quickly. This is the reason why the app is so beneficial.

Google Docs Features

  • Edit existing documents, or create new ones. ones
  • Share documents and collaborate on the same document simultaneously.
  • Work from anywhere and at any time, even offline
  • Comment and add comments.
  • Don’t worry that you’ll lose your data as everything is saved automatically when you write.
  • Find the web and save your files to Drive directly from Docs.
  • Open, edit, or save Word documents as well as PDFs.


5) Markor

Markor is a TextEditor that is available for Android. This project’s goal is to build an editor that is multi-functional and lightweight, flexible, and light. Markor uses simple markup formats such as Markdown or todo.txt for note-taking and management of lists. It can be used to work using text. It can be used to keep bookmarks, copy to the clipboard and fast open links using text, and many more.

Markdown editors are software that allows web-based writers to format text without hassle easily. In reality, there are numerous Desktop Markdown editors. But, as more and more people shift towards mobile devices in increasing numbers, many want ways to use Markdown on smartphones. If you’re searching for an app that will aid you with your web-based writing tasks, take a look at the top markdown editors available for Android and iOS that we’ve listed below.


  • Notebook: Keep all documents in a common folder on the filesystem
  • QuickNote: A quick and easy way of taking notes
  • To-Do List: Write down your list of things to do
  • LinkBox: Link pages you want to later be read in your bookmark list
  • The Markdown format is used for markups: and todo.txt
  • Copy to clipboard Copy any text to the clipboard that you want to copy, even shared text into Markor.



If you’re an aspiring writer, You’ll know that finding inspiration to write can occur anytime, and the ideal application for writing a book can be extremely helpful. It’s not practical to carry our laptops on our every move to write down a brief idea. That’s where phone apps have come into play in the last few years. As smartphones become speedier, faster apps have been significantly upgraded and provide speedy typing and features such as online syncing, which allows you to resume where you had left off.

These all are The 5 Best Writing Apps For Android, hope you like this, and then don’t forget to leave your precious comments below and share this with your friends and family, also visit Ztech4u for tech-related interesting posts. Thank you

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