Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps for Android 2022

WhatsApp Tracker Apps

WhatsApp is a popular messaging program that allows users to communicate easily and quickly, especially for intimate talks. It’s similar to the Sms service that most people are familiar with. Using WhatsApp, you can send images, videos, files, and voice messages to your friends and family. On the other hand, WhatsApp has several drawbacks, such as your youngster conversing with strangers and sharing illegal stuff. An employee might potentially abuse WhatsApp during work hours by viewing short clips and conversing with coworkers. WhatsApp Tracker Apps is an excellent method to keep track of essential chats between your spouse, children, and workers and avoid any abuse. You may also utilize it to figure out who has been texting you a lot and look into any possible frauds.

List of WhatsApp Tracker Apps:

The following is a hand-curated list of the best WhatsApp tracker apps, including their most popular features, website links, and how-to guides.

1: Wefollow

Wefollow, intended for guardians. Offers your kid or spouse’s on the web/disconnected status on the telephone. Monitor your kid’s internet-based times. Sleeping? or on the other hand, didn’t rest? You will learn it!

Computerized enslavement is an inexorably difficult issue, which is accepted to be connected with social nervousness, discouragement, and unfortunate interactive abilities. Forestall the dependence on WhatsApp by observing WhatsApp utilization and online time, and urge more up close and personal discussions. This application mishandles no WhatsApp security strategy and terms of use. It doesn’t hack accounts in any capacity.

Memberships are overseen by clients. Clients can close memberships by going to “Record Settings”. At the point when you need it, no responsibility. This application is for guardians, businesses and individuals with power over individuals under their consideration.

Assists you with following your own on the web and disconnected status and get warnings about them. Needn’t bother with an extra establishment or require any private data. You will adore this application.

Wefollow is the one of the best WhatsApp Tracker Apps that allows you to keep track of your children’s online and offline activities and get alerts about them. There is no need for a separate installation or any personal information.

Wefollow presents you with the following features:

  • Receive Online Track Notifications 
  • Receive Offline Track Notifications
  • Tracking and Usage Analysis
  • Detailed Activity Tracking 
  • Multiple Number Tracking (up to 5 numbers) 
  • Historical Track Log 
  • Live Support Benefits: 
  • You can earn diamonds by Watching Advertisements
  • No app running in the background
  • Saves battery power
  • Works on all android phones & tablets 
  • Works even without “Last seen” on WhatsApp!

Additionally, we provide a trial period for you to check it out. If you like it, you can purchase one of our subscriptions later. So, Digital addiction is becoming a severe issue linked to social anxiety, sadness, and a lack of social skills. Monitor your WhatsApp use and internet time to prevent addiction and promote more face-to-face chats.

This app abides by WhatsApp’s privacy policies and terms of service. It does not, in any way, hack accounts. Users are in charge of managing subscriptions. Subscriptions may be canceled by heading to “Account Settings.” You can have it whenever you choose, with no obligation.

This app/software is designed for parents, employers, and anyone in positions of power over persons in their care.


2: Chat track

The name of this application right furnishes you with a mystery spy’s main goal! It’s a lot more straightforward; Chat Track watches in the event that your family or companions are on the web and log on to WhatsApp. This specialist is confidential, as not one of them will try and think your little examination.

WhatsAgent will supply you with diagrams showing the time you’re on the web or disconnected. You can move your data totally into one more Excel report to test it on your pc assuming you would like. Clearly, likewise, with other comparable applications, WhatsAgent is chargeable and requests a membership. By virtue of this reality that WhatsApp regularly delivers updates and endeavors to defend its clients’ security, in any event, when you get a membership, you could encounter disturbances in the working of this application.

Chat Watch Mobile created Chat Track, and the most recent version of Chat Track: Online Tracker & Last Seen 1.2.7 was released on November 17, 2021. Thus, Chat Track belongs to the Productivity category. You may search through all of the developer’s applications to discover 164 Chat Track alternatives.

This software is now available for free. This app is available on Google Play for Android 4.1 and above.


Track any number in your family, and get notifications and detailed reports!

Monitor Online Last Seen Status

Online + Offline Notifications

Detailed Reports

7/24 Coverage

Free Trial

What Can You Leverage From  Chat track?

Track the History of WhatsApp Calls

Chat trace enables parents to monitor their child’s WhatsApp call history and the persons with whom he or she is chatting.

View the Previous Conversations

With WhatsApp’s online activity tracker, Chat track, you may monitor your child’s discussion without them knowing. The WhatsApp spy software has access to all chat discussions and enables parents to read and monitor their children’s interactions.

Tracking of several media

WhatsApp allows you to share media while you’re conversing. The WhatsApp tracker program gives parents access to all conversations, phone records, and images, making it simpler to monitor their children’s WhatsApp activity.


3: Familog

Familog WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker is an application introduced in the market by Familog to follow the total WhatsApp utilization history of every one of your loved ones to give ideas to them about how to diminish their telephone use. Clients can change the telephone numbers, date, and time to see the records as per their necessities.

You can get to the examination, exercises, comparator, settings, warnings, and different segments by tapping on buttons from the home screen. The span table shows the total web-based time, online hours, and pinnacle use hours initially.

Familog WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker application highlights sharing of a report of a user report with your PCP by transferring it to different web-based entertainment handles. Clients can get a notification alert at whatever point a telephone number in the following rundown comes online to make an impression on them and increment their possibilities of getting an answer.

You can perceive how long your more youthful relatives spend on WhatsApp. Are your children online as opposed to resting around evening time? Is it true that they are online as opposed to examining? Get advised when they’re on the web or disconnected. Track how long they stay online with hourly, every day, and month-to-month outlines. See what time they are online with a clock outline. Track when they are on the web and disconnected and know their internet-based lengths with the span table. It offers incredible support for your child’s gatekeeper. It gives you bits of insight.

Familog WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker is a Familog program that allows you to monitor all of your friends and family members’ WhatsApp use history and provide recommendations on how to limit their phone usage. Users may adjust the phone numbers, dates, and times to examine the information to suit their requirements.

The Best Last Seen Tracker for WhatsApp

As a Google Play alternative, we strongly advise you to download the Familog app. Users will be able to monitor the activities of their family members once again. As is customary, you will be alerted when a person is offline and online. The software will also fit you if you want more precise data. The point is that it will create hourly, daily, and monthly graphs. In addition, various graph versions will be provided.

In this situation, you’ll be able to monitor many people simultaneously. Additionally, you will be able to compare their time spent online and offline on WhatsApp using the app. That sounds fantastic.

By touching the buttons on the home screen, you can go to the analysis, activities, comparison, settings, alerts, etc. At a glance, the duration table displays the total amount of time spent online, online hours, and peak use hours.

Without a rooted device, you can track WhatsApp messages

Familog allows parents to monitor their children’s call history, WhatsApp chat monitoring and shared multimedia without a rooted smartphone. On familog’s dashboard, parents can easily obtain all of their information.

The Familog WhatsApp Online, Last Seen Tracker tool allows you to share a report on your use with your doctor by uploading it to different social media accounts. Users may get an alert anytime a phone number in the monitoring list is online, allowing them to send a message to that number and increasing their chances of receiving a response.



Having a deep understanding of your objective individual is an extraordinary method for finding success in any relationship. Similarly, as with any relationship, love and trust can develop on the off chance that the two individuals tell the truth. Nonetheless, love and trust can undoubtedly be broken when privileged insights are kept, particularly with regards to connections where there are youngsters or funds included. To forestall battles and doubt, knowing precisely very thing’s going on is significant. These WhatsApp Tracker Apps enable you to secretly snoop on someone.

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