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The most effective sleep apps demonstrate that information is power. By collecting information about the way you sleep and when you sleep, you can convert the data into advice on how you can reduce the amount of tossing and tossing. So, we listed the Free Sleep Apps For Android phones for you. We have compiled a list of 4 top free sleep apps to ensure that you arrive at sleep with easy sailing. Since we realize that sleep is an integral component of productivity and health, we’ll give you our top picks of apps that will assist you in falling asleep faster and sleeping longer.

Top 4 Sleep Apps For Android:

The benefits of getting a good night’s rest are numerous, yet most people do not get enough rest regularly. We’ve identified the top sleep apps available to help you get the most out of your 40-minute sleep and take you into a dream world.

1) Sleep Timer (Turn music off)

Most music/video applications don’t have a clock stop capability. They can’t naturally quit playing music/video after we rest. It will decrease our sleep quality and will make the telephone battery run out and diminish battery duration. Sleep Timer lets you sleep to the music you love. It is as easy as starting your music and selecting the countdown timer. After your countdown, Sleep Timer softly fades the music off and then stops it. This will allow you to enjoy the rest you deserve and give you a wonderful night’s rest.

Sleep Apps For Android

It also allows you to nod off to your number one music. You just beginning your music, and afterward set the commencement clock. Toward the finish of the commencement, Sleep Timer delicately blurs your music out and stops it. Permitting you to get your valuable rest prevents your battery from depleting.

A music playlist or podcast from your phone can help you sleep if you struggle to shut your mind after a long day. But, if you cannot sleep due to your music, you risk burning out your battery or (if you don’t plug it into) getting up to a warm and uncomfortable device. If you want to find a simple solution to this issue, you can utilize the sleep timer on Spotify.

It’s included on Spotify’s iPhone, iPad, and Android Spotify apps. It’s not available on the site or within any of the Mac and PC apps.

Sleep Timer Features

  • Enjoy music while you fall to sleep.
  • Make use of your preferred music player or YouTube!
  • Choose the length you’d like to hear the music play.
  • Make presets for your most frequent use timers.
  • Make sure your battery isn’t drained.
  • Shake to prolong the timer


2) Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a great app to track your sleep on your phone. It is one of the best Sleep Apps For Android and iPhone as well. It works with the phone’s microphone, meaning it’s unnecessary to carry it around in your bed. Relax and sleep well with this relaxing music, and get up on the right side of the bed with the most effective alarms.

It is nearly basically as much as SleepScore, and it’s viable with both iPhone and Android models. In any case, it misses the mark in light of the fact that the organization is less straightforward about its exploration on how well the innovation functions for the following rest, and the application doesn’t give a lot of nitty-gritty rest stage nitty-gritty. Dissimilar to SleepScore, Sleep Cycle doesn’t show how long you were in each phase of rest. It additionally doesn’t offer you any guidance for working on your rest. Yet, this application’s spotless charts let you effectively see general patterns — which might be all you want to figure out your examples. We likewise love that it has in excess of twelve shrewd caution sounds and quieting sounds to browse (contrasted and just around about six of each from SleepScore), so making ready to bed both feel much more wonderful.

Sleep can be a mystery. However, sleep tracking apps can aid in understanding when you’ve crossed the line between sleeping and waking and what happens between. We recommend Sleep cycle, which works more effectively with iPhones than Android phones, and Sleep Cycle, for those who prefer simple interfaces with an easy-to-use design. It is just equally suitable for Android devices as it does compatible with iPhones.

Sleep Cycle Features

  • Complete sleep statistics and graphs of daily sleep
  • Selecting the most appropriate alarm music
  • Snooze by shaking the phone or tap the handset twice gently
  • A wake-up timer that can be customized. You wake up (regular alarm clock) for up to 90 minutes starting at the moment.


3) Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Headspace is one of our Best Sleep Apps For Android in the list, It is a relaxing meditation app designed to assist you in living more healthily and enjoying a happier lifestyle. To achieve this, simply locate a quiet area where you can sit and listen to lectures.

Headspace was among the very first meditation apps on the market. It is sleek, has a stylish design, and uses fun animations to explain how meditation is done. It has a wealth of guided meditations delivered by a voice with an authentic British accent. The app was originally designed for adults. Headspace offers specific mindfulness activities for children and children, with five themes: Calm Focus Kindness, Sleep and Wake up.

Sleep Apps For Android

When you download Headspace, you’ll get the fundamental free bundle that lets you test for the first time several modules. You’ll discover modules that help you overcome anxiety or anger and modules that can help you improve your self-confidence and productivity. If you find any of the modules especially appealing, you only need to sign up to Headspace for either a month or a year.

Headspace App Features

  • Guided meditations, thousands of mindful exercises
  • Daily practice of meditation with a different topic every day. Headspace
  • Take a deep breath and relax with three-minute short meditations for a quick mental reset.
  • Practice mindfulness through “Mindful Moments” to keep your mind and body present throughout the day.
  • Learn how to practice meditation and get the answers to all your mindfulness questions.
  • Relax and have a peaceful night’s sleep with Sleep by Headspace.
  • Sleepy sounds that soothe with recordings of nature’s ambient.
  • Music for sleep that is tranquil aids you in achieving the deepest sleep.
  • Get inspired to start your day with The Wake-Up.


4) Pillow App

Pillow connects to the sensors of the iPhone and Strain to track your quality of sleep and the duration of your sleep. Through the data it collects, Pillow can provide breakdowns of different stages of sleep, including REM and deep sleep, heart rate monitoring, and a sleep quality analysis. It is an iOS application; it integrates the Apple built-in Health app.

Sleep Pillow offers a sophisticated set of premium ambient sound premixed for the best sleep improvement. The sound is recorded and amplified to let you relax and sleep. They can isolate, create a calm and peaceful environment, and place you in an energizing sleep cycle.

Pillow is, undoubtedly, quite possibly of the best. The free application tracks rest quality exhaustively and could record sound and pulse information. When enacted, Pillow will screen your rest for the time being and give a breakdown of rest quality the following morning. The application offers data on times of waking, REM, light rest, and profound rest utilizing a variety of realistic that are not difficult to peruse and decipher.

As you would have speculated, Pillow is best utilized with an Apple Watch (however claiming one isn’t a necessity to utilize the application). This not just allows clients to send off Pillow from their wrist, yet it additionally utilizes the smartwatch’s gyrator to follow the development over the course of the evening and acquire precise estimations.

The Pillow App is a MAC OS application that tracks your sleep. The information it collects can help you understand the quality and duration of your rest and can help you enhance both.

Pillow App Features

  • Timer for sleep with a slow fade-out
  • The app runs in the background.
  • The app runs even when the device is locked, and the screen is dark.
  • Favorite sounds shortlist
  • Nature photos of the highest quality create a mood.


However, sleep apps offer more than simply logging data. Certain apps provide soothing sounds and music that assist you in getting to sleep. Some offer a range of relaxation and mental health features. Some even claim to help you get up at the right time every morning.


Sleep apps are a booming trend in the modern world, and all of them work to assist you in falling asleep, remaining asleep, and keeping track of how you sleep. Certain sleep apps employ techniques such as images and colors, soothing music, and sounds of nature to relax your mind. Some use sound effects, white noise techniques, and guided meditation images. Check out our Best Free Sleep Apps For Android currently available in the market.

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