Best Productivity Apps For Android

Introduction. A productivity application is simply put, software created to make your life easier. Software/ applications have a significant role in helping you meet your goals and deadlines faster and more effectively. An easy search of Google will provide you with various apps and tools, and perhaps not surprisingly, many of them are a perfect fit for your company. This is where the confusion starts. So, we list the top Productivity Apps For Android in this article. It is the place where most of us make bad decisions.

If you have been searching for the perfect note-taking or productivity application that you can use across all or any of your gadgets, here are the top productivity applications and services. If you have never used one before, it’s about time to make life easier. Productivity apps for android are very helpful in many ways.

The reason phones exist is to allow us to become more productive. They’re like mini-computers that we carry around in our pockets. They are connected to the internet and let us work, and we carry them with our backs. They are the perfect tool to make us all more efficient. There are numerous options for apps that can assist you in becoming more productive in your daily life.

Top 4 Productivity Apps For Android:

There are a lot of online articles that refer to similar apps. When you download one or two of them, it is easy to clutter your phone with apps you don’t need. We’ll discuss the best Android apps for devices that will be available in 2022 Android devices to ensure that you are at a higher understanding of your work and can reach your goals with increased productivity.

1) Evernote App

This application is developed by the Evernote Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California. Evernote is an outstanding app for taking notes, planning your projects, and locating the things you require when you require them. Evernote is a full overhaul of the client for desktops. Some tasks or activities need you to take notes to recall important information later. If you have a lot of note records, you might eventually need to sort and organize them. Then, EverNote can come in extremely useful.

Productivity Apps For Android

Personalize your notes by marking your notes with keywords so you can easily search through them whenever you are in the mood. A functional search tool searches through your notes in case you’re unable to locate the information you’re looking for. This user-friendly application even searches texts displayed in both photographs and scans of notes written by hand.

When it first came out, it was able to erase all preferences, and thus it was able to adapt the app to the user’s preferences. Evernote is a cloud-based application that lets users record and save and sync texts, images videos, and text files across various devices. Let’s take a look at Evernote Features in detail.

Evernote App Features

  • 10GB of uploads every month.
  • Unlimited number of gadgets
  • Manage and create the tasks
  • Connect to one Google Calendar account
  • You can access your notebooks and notes offline
  • Has larger notes
  • Business card scanning
  • Mobile offline notes
  • Calendar Integration
  • Geographic search
  • Ability to attach files to any note.
  • The ability to scan text in a photo using Optical Character Recognition Technology

Evernote App is very user-oriented and it definitely can help you out if you are looking for an app for notes.


2) Trello App

Trello is another Productivity App for Android. It is a Kanban-style, list-making application and is developed by Trello enterprise, a subsidiary of Atlassian. It was created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. This app empowers your team to manage any type of task tracking, workflow, or project. It is a really great and helpful App for project management. The kind of interface it has helps everyone on the team visualize the task process through the pipeline. Projects can be organized into columns and moved around easily to indicate workflow, status, and project ownership.

Trello is a flexible tool for managing work that allows all teams to plan, manage and execute their tasks according to their preferences. However, the permission system in Android lets apps asks for everything at once. This can be confusing for our users as well as us. If you suspect something is not working properly with the app, you should first take to close the app completely before you restart it. To close the app, simply tap on your device’s app manager before closing the Trello application.

Trello App Features

  • Assignment of tasks. Keep everyone informed while work is distributed.
  • Dissect the big jobs with a delightful list of tasks: Check things off the list and then watch the status bar appear 100% completed.
  • Collaborate with others and track the results of your work by logging feedback, comments or emojis, and even emojis!
  • You can share files by attaching cards and ensuring that the appropriate attachments remain with the correct assignments.


3) RescueTime App

RescueTime App is another great Productivity App for Android. By using it you can see how your phone use relates to your very own digital life and take back control over how you spend your time with digital devices. RescueTime offers two of their service packages, Lite(Free) and the other one is Premium(9$ per month or 78$ per year). RescueTime’s main application is a highly effective time tracker for desktops and productivity software that can show you exactly how much time you’ve spent on apps, websites, or projects and how productive you are. When you’ve connected your account, you’ll be able to view all of this information and much more from your smartphone! Instead of interrupting your creativity to keep track of the time or relying on your memory later, an app for time tracking can handle all the work seamlessly.

Productivity Apps For Android

This easy app monitors the time you spend on your computer by taking pictures of your activities and then using them to produce full data. The data is saved to Your RescueTime online account that is easily accessed any time you like using the web browser. The statistics are categorized by week, day, or month.

RescueTime App Features

  • Invisible productivity, app usage tracking, and in-app purchases to track your entire digital life
  • Set time-based goals for screen time and manage your phone’s usage
  • Set your goals for the day at the top of your list to help develop more habitual habits.
  • Record offline activities on your Android device
  • Stopwatch tool
  • Track offline activities
  • Track trends
  • Customize activity categories activities.

It also blocks unauthorized websites, which is again a very useful feature. Also, RescueTime will never sell your data to anyone, ever. More features include, rank time, pause or quit option, goals reporting and log highlights. It may have more features too.


4) ProofHub App

Proofhub is basically a cloud-based solution for teams in various and numerous industries. It is such amazing project management software that even Netflix uses it. ProofHub is completely free for schools all around the globe for the rest of 2020(that’s the news of 2020). It is still free for Android but maybe it has membership fees or not that you to check it out.

ProofHub is the best project management software that can control your projects, remote teams, and clients, regardless of how large or complicated they may be. You can get rid of those chaotic email threads, missing deadlines, unorganized projects, and scattered files and documents while managing your projects. ProofHub lets teams work together and share information about things like organization quickly and easily in one location. It’s accessible on Android as well as iOS Operating systems. This means that anyone part of an organization, connected to the project from any remote area.

We use ProofHub to manage our mid-sized projects by coordinating the project and task tasks with several institutional partners. Additionally, the collaborative capabilities in ProofHub proved extremely useful for actively engaging with each other on projects and tracking how both parties. ProofHub also came with all the security tools we needed to work effectively without jeopardizing our private project documents.

ProofHub App Features

  • Things that you must focus on
  • What’s on the horizon for you today?
  • Make sure to save important links and important details for quick access.
  • Easy onboarding and adoption
  • Keep up-to-date by receiving real-time alerts.
  • Admin control
  • Collaboration: make it easy for your teams to work together with effective communication and collaboration.
  • Reports, Views, and Accessibility, all of them are features of this App.


On Android, an abundance of productivity applications can help you manage your time and make work more productive. From a basic plugin for Chrome to an all-encompassing app selecting the most efficient productivity software for Android could be the difference between having a well-organized to-do list at the end of the day or seeing it filled with unfinished deadlines and projects not on time.

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