Best Must-Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users

Must-Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users

In this article, we will talk about the 3 Must Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users. Such apps not only help WhatsApp users to have a handy grip on WhatsApp but also have fun with it in numerous ways by using stickers etc. So, for the year 2022, and keeping in mind this Year we have listed three Apps and have discussed them thoroughly, their features, their utilization, and much more. These add-on tools for WhatsApp for Android allow you to remember statuses, chat with people without storing their phone numbers, make stickers, etc. WhatsApp is why many people got cell phones in the first place, so it doesn’t require an introduction. It is the best Android Apps For WhatsApp In 2022. WhatsApp, which has about two billion users, provides many useful features that enable you to communicate with others. The firm releases new features regularly.

On the other hand, some third-party applications may help you enhance your WhatsApp experience by offering a variety of useful modifications and capabilities. These applications also include functionality WhatsApp doesn’t have yet, such as contact status downloads and message scheduling.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications today and the greatest messaging tool available. The Facebook-owned firm has also made a point of not taking its dominance for granted. The software has been updated many times. It now has a slew of new features, including group video calls, sticker support, and more. While WhatsApp comes with many useful features out of the box. There are a few Android applications that make it even better. Yes, you read it correctly. When used with other third-party Android applications, we feel WhatsApp can be made even better.

3 Must-Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users:

These applications may have various features, but they all fill in the gaps left by WhatsApp. Without further ado, here are the 3 Must-Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users In 2022 that will help you make your WhatsApp even better.

1) Multi-Parallel

Have you ever wished to use a single smartphone to operate many WhatsApp accounts?

If you answered yes, you should try Multi Parallel. Multi Parallel allows you to operate an infinite number of WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, and other social networking applications simultaneously on a single smartphone. It’s a multi-account management tool that lets you access several accounts from a single device. The capacity of MultiParallel to execute a program on two levels at once is a miracle, allowing users to make use of a plethora of helpful features. So basically if you have multiple accounts, this app is made for you and you should definitely try it since its handy in nature and can be used easily.

Must Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users

Multi parallel is a free-of-cost utility application for mobile devices developed by Winterfell App lab. It is basically a cloning tool that helps users to create multiple instances of a single app on their smartphone.  It is a handy tool for users and it is definitely a Must Have Android Apps For WhatsApp Users. For users who use multiple accounts, a tool like this helps them to maintain and monitor them easily without any need for separate devices.

With only a few simple steps, all of the apps on the device may be duplicated or cloned. The user can manage them for easy conversion. Furthermore, the multi-parallel mode allows users to employ a parallel operation mechanism with many programs simultaneously, enabling them to play games or work more effectively. Aside from duplicating programs, keeping each program running instead of quitting wastes a lot of device performance or energy. This allows all user progress for each Parallel apk to continue without risk of being deactivated, even while operating in the background. This capability is also available in real-time online games, enabling users to use two accounts for various activities simultaneously.

Download Multi Parallel App

2) Sticker maker

You don’t always have to use emojis and gifs to express your feelings and emotions. Stickers are becoming increasingly popular with smartphone users because of their versatility. So, if you love using stickers, you have probably exhausted the available messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. So we have listed this App as a Must Have Android Apps For you.

Sticker Maker is definitely a Must have Android Apps for WhatsApp Users. Through sticker maker, you can turn your favorite images into super fun stickers that you can then easily share with your family and friends and have fun with them. You can send them into groups, separate chats etc.

Sticker Maker is an app that allows you to quickly and simply build your own Whatsapp sticker pack. All you have to do now is give your package a name, choose an icon picture, and add as many stickers as you like. That’s all there is to it! It’s simple to add a new sticker to your package. First, choose the picture you wish to add, then crop it using the tip of your finger, and save it when you’re satisfied with how it appears. Any package may have up to 30 stickers added to it. Sticker Maker is a fantastic software for creating Whatsapp sticker packages. You can make really entertaining stickers from your favorite photographs that you can share with your family and friends.

WhatsApp offered the option to share stickers on Android and iOS a while ago. They’re progressively taking over the messaging platform as an alternative to emojis. While WhatsApp provides you with a “limited assortment” of sticker packs, to begin with, you can go to the Play Store and download an app called “Sticker Maker” to make your own. Sticker Maker is compatible with WhatsApp, allowing you to upload your stickers to the app’s sticker area.

Sticker makers require Android 4.1 or greater.

Features of the sticker maker App.

1. You can add text
2. You can add brushes
3. You can add borders
4. You can erase your background
5. The display is excellent
6. You can create endless stickers on this app
7. You can pay for the premium version to enjoy more decoration.
8. By paying for the premium version, you can remove all the ads.

Using our WhatsApp sticker editor, you can start creating your own WhatsApp sticker collection right now. You can also use the Share option to send your pals the whole WhatsApp sticker collection.

Download Sticker Maker App

3) Vid status

Vidstatus is basically a WhatsApp status App and Snack video status maker that basically allows you to download short Moj videos and share chat status videos and create amazing funny snack videos.  

VidStatus is a free smartphone app that allows you to download and view popular, funny, or odd videos for enjoyment. It is a professional video-editing program that may be used in addition to watching videos. This enables you to quickly chop and trim your favorite moments on your smartphone to share with your friends over WhatsApp. This multimedia software is incredibly popular in India, and it can play videos in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, and Malayalam, among other languages.


You can also get money on VidStatus by doing daily check-ins, viewing videos, and becoming a content developer. VidStatus is a video-sharing software that lets users modify and share films based on their WhatsApp status. You may watch live streaming of hot videos on VidStatus or look at popular statuses among your friends for faster-watching alternatives. With this app, you may like other people’s postings as well. However, it will not enable you to publish videos longer than 30 seconds or shorter than 10 seconds, so be sure they meet these requirements. You can use Vidstatus to create new trending short Moj video status for WhatsApp: birthday video status, funny snack video status, share chat video status, and much more. Through Vidstatus you can download Comedy, Bollywood, Sad, Love videos, portraits, friendships, sports, motivational, inspirational, birthday, attitude, dialogue, Hindi old status, and much more.

That is why we have listed this app as a Must Have Android Apps for Whatsapp Users because it is very handy in nature and very easy to use. Through simple clicks, you can download, edit, trim videos, create content, and moreover, it will help you earn money as well through your created content. So, this app can really benefit WhatsApp users who love to put statuses, create content, and love to download videos of any kind of genre. You can also use the app to publish content and keep up with your favorite channels by creating an account. To do so, you’ll need a cellphone number and a Facebook or Google account.

Download VidStatus App

All of them are handy in nature and are easy to use and easy to download. Moreover, they are FREE. They can be downloaded from the play store and their Apks are also available on google/the world wide web.

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