Best Cool Apps For Android 2022

Cool Apps For Android

Smartphones can be used to do a variety of things. It is used to listen to music or play games, stream videos, and converse with people via social media. Another reason to use smartphones is to simplify our lives. It is a difficult task to find the top Cool Apps For Android phones. There are a lot of applications that do exactly that. You carry this device around with your person, so why not simplify your life? The apps listed below will help you in a variety of ways. This is not a simple list for new apps to crack. Therefore, it may take some time before new apps are included. These are the best applications for Android!

Android phones and tablets are technological marvels that delight and allow you to work from anywhere. And help you stay in touch with family and friends, and colleagues. With the right application, you can turn your cell phone into a mobile theater, workstation or art workstation, recipe management system, etc. The problem is that finding top Android applications can be an issue.

Top 3 Cool Apps For Android

These apps are now commonplace on Android, so if searching for the best apps. You’ve likely tried several of these apps in the past. There are tons of incredible Android applications available. But there are a handful of apps that stand out from other apps. These apps can be useful to almost everyone, regardless of the situation. In no time, Here are the top  Cool Apps For Android available today.

1) OG Instagram

The OG Instagram app is an unofficial Instagram client that allows you to log into your Instagram account, post pictures, and connect with other Instagram followers. And perform nearly everything you do with the official application. The major distinction is that it allows you to download images and videos on Instagram.

The complete OG Instagram interface is the same as Instagram’s interface, except that instead of reading ‘Instagram’ across the top of the interface, it says “OG Instagram.” The rest of the interface accounts, photo feeds, tools for searching, and more. The same is true for search tools, profiles, etc.

Instagram is a moving application and it has a large number of downloads. It is a social application on which you can post your photographs and recordings with your loved ones. OG Instagram is the altered rendition of Instagram that gives loads of capabilities and choices that are not accessible in the authority Instagram application.

The best thing about this adaptation of Instagram is its media downloading highlight. Official Instagram never permits its client to download any picture, video, or GIF in the display from the application. While on account of OG Instagram, you can download a wide range of media including pictures, recordings, and boomerangs. And whatever else straightforwardly into the exhibition

OG Instagram Feature

  • Download images and videos quickly from Instagram.
  • Send links to videos and images directly to your friends.
  • Do not miss a single message of unfollows followed by the ‘follow the indicator.’
  • Zoom profile images within the OGInsta APK.
  • IGTV videos are also available for download.
  • Translate chats by using the auto-translator.
  • Multi-accounts can be utilized within the same application.
  • Videos start with sound, by default.
  • Facebook Log-in is accessible.
  • Stories are available for download.
  • Supports multi-language.
  • Any bio of anyone can be downloaded.


2) 2nd Line

2ndLine is an additional U.S. and Canada call number. It functions on tablets, smartphones, and mobiles as a fully-featured business telephone system designed specifically for freelancers, mobile professionals, and entrepreneurs. You can call and text through a separate number from devices you and your team already own through Wi-Fi or on your current cellular network and with anyone within Canada and the U.S. and Canada.

The 2ndLine application is brought to you by the fine people at TextNow, a famous telephone and informing application that permits you to settle on free decisions through WIFI. They likewise offer a paid telephone administration that piggybacks on existing cell lines.

TextNow had been around beginning around 2009, so it’s certainly not a temporary activity. 2ndLine expands on TextNow’s contributions by empowering you to construct a subsequent line and second telephone number directly into your telephone without the issue of purchasing a subsequent telephone.

To get everything rolling with 2ndLine, go to the Google Play store and quest for “2ndLine.” Be certain to type it in precisely, as there are a ton of applications that utilize the words “second line.”

Whenever you’ve introduced the application, 2ndLine requests that you make a record prior to allowing you to continue further and use the administrations (free, etc.). You’ll have to enter an email address that you approach, as well as make a secret phrase. Keep in mind, likewise with any help, you’ll need to make a secret phrase that is long, and uses both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

2ndLine utilizes your data and Wi-Fi to supply you with an added line. Download the app, and select an appropriate phone number. And instantly enjoy unlimited texting and calling from an additional line on your phone.

 2nd Line Features

  • Send and receive voice messages
  • Emojis, stickers, and GIFs
  • Voicemail Transcription Voicemail Transcription: transcript of your voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • PassCode: Keep your information secure and under a lock key
  • Google SmartLock: no need to keep track of your password
  • Call Forwarding
  • Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration
  • Backgrounds that you can customize
  • Give each contact their background music and ringtone
  • Quick Reply: Quickly (and quickly) reply to your friends

2ndLine, Second Number is a no-cost communication mobile application that allows users to set up another phone number for business needs. Created in conjunction with TextNow, Inc., this useful phone application adds the second line of the phone to your mobile device to set aside your professional life from your personal. All texts and calls are free within both the United States and Canada, and international calls, are very low cost.


3) Click Drop

ClipDrop is one of the Best Cool Apps For Android and it instantly eliminates the background from any photo. It doesn’t require an image studio anymore, and you can easily change the background with whatever you want. ClipDrop Product Photos is an image & Video application developed by Init ML. It’s rated with an average rating of 5 stars on the app store and has been reviewed by more than 1,109 users over its life. To remove the background from an image, visit clip drop/remove-background and upload your photo. Clipdrop will take away the background automatically, and you’ll be able to download the HD image for no cost.

ClipDrop, a new application that allows your telephone’s camera rapidly to get objects from your current circumstance and spot them in work area applications, is presently accessible to attempt. It’s a slick wind on AR that makes the actual world computerized, rather than extending advanced pictures onto your general surroundings. Special recordings of the beta application show it having the option to photo all that from plants to TVs and afterward immediately brought into reports as trimmed objects.

Notwithstanding the iOS and Android applications, the product is likewise accessible for Windows and macOS, allowing you to get pictures and text from your work area or the web and immediately import them into archives.

The thought behind ClipDrop originally arose as a tech demo back in May and immediately pulled in a ton of consideration. Engineers Cyril Diagne and Jonathan Blanchet said that they’ve had more than 100,000 individuals enlisted on their beta holding up list needing to evaluate the product, and have gone through the most recent couple of months transforming this early demo into a business item.


ClipDrop is ideal for creating the perfect product image for your online store. Online sellers can use ClipDrop to capture their items directly from their smartphones and swiftly update their shops. The most current version of the app is 2.4.4 and add to the Android Play Store about six months ago. There is no need for an image studio anymore. With ClipDrop, it is possible to instantly change the background to any object or take out an object not needed from a photo.

ClipDrop Creation Features

  • Product images for online marketplaces such as Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, Shopify, Depop, and Etsy or Amazon.
  • Profile pictures and portraits to use on your social media profiles
  • Instagram stories can use to promote your products.
  • Collages and stickers that you can share on Pinterest, Instagram stories, or Canva


Additionally, other applications can completely alter the way you use Android. Certain apps enhance users’ interfaces; some simplify common tasks, while others use some of the most popular features available in Android and improve them more effectively.

With the millions of available apps on the Play Store, searching for the most effective among them can be overwhelming. You’ll find many options when you need a fantastic weather app or an innovative device to boost performance. We’ve spent a lot of time identifying the top Cool Apps For Android for any purpose and then compiled the best of them into a single list.


This rundown of astonishing Android applications will change how you utilize your Android telephone. They make it simpler to deal with and let you find things you really want all the more rapidly. Be that as it may, this is just the beginning of all of the astounding applications on the Play Store — make certain to look at some others.

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