Connect To Any Wifi Without Password Free

Connect To Any Wifi Without Password

“Can you tell me your wifi password?” Visitors seeking to connect to your wifi at home, in a café, or in a restaurant are most likely to ask this question. However, given people’s increasing reliance on wifi, this question isn’t confined to these locations. Wifi refers to a wireless network that uses radio frequency signals to link devices to the internet. It has played an important part in contemporary technological products since its creation in 1997.

Almost everyone uses smartphones and laptops. Others may not be able to comprehend life without wifi! People consider wifi vital and have it installed in their homes, businesses, and public areas. Everyone who has Internet access utilizes a wifi network to provide that service to all their devices at home or work. Please keep in mind that gaining access to someone’s wifi network without their permission is a breach of good manners (and maybe the law).

We have listed some ways that help you to Connect to Wifi Without asking anybody for a Password On Your Smartphones..!! Also when using any of the techniques listed below, be sure you have the network owner’s permission.

Using WPS to Connect Without a Password:

Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) is an acronym for wifi Protect Setup. WPS is an older technology that works with WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols on networks. The following section states that WPS has been superseded by DPP (Device Provisioning Protocol). WPS stands for “Wifi Protected Setup,” which indicates that if a wifi router is physically accessible to visitors, they may connect to the router by pressing a button on the device instead of providing a password. You didn’t have access to the routers in most public places, but you COULD utilize

Connect To Any Wifi Without Password

WPS Connect is an application to attempt to associate with WIFI networks with WPS convention empowered – however consistent with the authorization of the organization proprietor, obviously. The point of WPS Connect is to check in the event that the particular switch is defenseless against a PIN naturally. Numerous switches introduced by network access suppliers have weaknesses. With this application, you can check to assume that your own switch is defenseless and change the secret phrase as needs be. It’s vital to remember that to utilize WPS Connect, you want an established gadget. WPS Connect is an exceptionally helpful instrument for checking in the event that your switch’s secret word is totally secure however it clearly likewise has different purposes.


WPS in a domestic situation if the renter or homeowner agrees to let you “touch” their router. It was a common means of connecting guest users in a home or small business setting. People outside of the building or in a group of rooms couldn’t steal wifi service since they didn’t have physical access to the router. Only those you invited were allowed to connect to your wifi network without a password. It’s simpler to press a button on the router’s control panel than to type a 16-digit random security code on a smartphone’s little keypad. It’s quite easy to use WPS.

In general, all you need to do is make sure your smartphone (Android 9 or older) or any guest device has the necessary settings and that you can physically reach the router. This is how you do it. Note that the precise instructions may differ significantly depending on your operating system and version.

Using WPS instead of a Password:

  • From the Home screen, open the “Settings” app.
  • Select “Network and internet settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then select “Wifi.”
  • Select “Additional settings.”
  • Select the “Connect via WPS button” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, a dialogue box should appear, instructing you to press the router’s “WPS button.”
  • Before the WPS handshake procedure shuts down, you have roughly 30 seconds to complete this step, after which you must repeat it.
  • If you haven’t done so before, press the “WPS button,” which is generally labeled with “WPS.”
  • Unless you instruct your device to forget the wifi connection, your phone should automatically connect to the network, and you shouldn’t have to repeat these procedures.

WPS was a simple and practical way to connect to a wifi network without entering a password. It was, however, vulnerable to password and SSID hacking, mostly through compromised (IoT) devices and PIN brute force. Apple declined to support the WPS standard, and Android’s Android 9 upgrades removed the option. This signifies that our newer technology will not allow us to do so. Of course, you’ve already read a portion of it.

Using a QR Code on WPS to Access wifi Without a Password

If you need to connect to someone’s WPS wifi network, QR codes may be used instead. Remember that the QR code approach is a little more complicated and requires some technological expertise. A QR code may be found on the back or bottom of certain routers, usually alongside the SSID and preset password information. This solution, however, is limited to factory-set SSIDs and passwords. Furthermore, the QR code may be for DPP/wifi Easy ConnectTM connections on newer routers rather than WPS.

You can also follow the following steps in this regard:

  • You can get to from your work area program by clicking here.
  • You should enter your WiFi association SSID, encryption type, and secret key.
  • You can stick the QR code on your ice chest by printing it.

Below is further information regarding DPP. The printed QR code on the router becomes worthless if the user changes the SSID name or password at any moment. Despite this flaw, this approach is most often utilized on smartphones and tablets since PCs generally lack a QR scanning device or program.

Can You Connect To wifi Without Logging In?

After hitting “Windows-C,” select “Settings” to bring up the Charms Bar. By right-clicking the “Network” icon and selecting the wireless connection you want Windows to use.

You can also follow the following steps in this regard:

  • The “Settings” application can be tracked down on the Home screen.
  • You can track down the segment “Organization and web settings” on the left.
  • To get to Wi-Fi, tap “Wi-Fi.”.
  • “Extra settings” can be chosen.
  • You can associate with WPS by tapping the “Interface by WPS” button.
  • The subsequent stage is to open an exchange box that will inform you as to whether you need to press the “WPS” button.

What Do I Do If I Don’t Have a wifi Password?

Go to the wifi settings on your router’s web interface to discover the wifi password. If you can see the password on your router, you’ve got it. You may change the password and log in to the system with the new one.

Also, other than the technique discussed above, we have two apps that are listed below help you to Connect To Any Wifi Without Password On Your Smartphones:

1) Wifi Master

The app is so popular that millions of individuals worldwide have downloaded and utilized it. The wifi Master app only works if your Android smartphone has been rooted. To get the password for the wireless connection, you must first root your device and then run this program. To connect to the system, copy the password to the clipboard and paste it in the right spot using wifi Password Show. You may also communicate about the password by email using this software.

This particular application is so notable it has been downloaded by in excess of 5 million clients generally all through the planet. Wi-Fi Master application works simply in case you’ve laid out your Android gadget. Root your device from the get go, then, run this application to track down the secret word of a remote association. Using Wi-Fi Password Show that you can copy the secret key in the clipboard and paste it at the major spot to connect into the system. Through this application, you can in like manner talk about the secret phrase through your email.

With countless secure, groundbreaking Wi-Fi___33 areas of interest, Instabridge is the most direct approach to riding the Internet in vain. Instabridge’s Wifi locater knows which Wi-Fi networks work and normally keeps you off those that don’t. No plan is required. It simply works! With our magnificently consolidated travel map and bare essential estimations on every association in our data set, you won’t anytime need to worry about how and where you can associate.


2) Wifi Warden – Free wifi Access

The Wifi Warden app is another free wifi software that supports two Android and iPhone devices. iPhone users may get the software from iTunes and use it to get bonded and fast wifi access anywhere around the world. It not only assists you in finding free wifi hotspots, but it also joins a network quickly and easily. If you download wifi Warden from the Google Play Store, it will allow you to connect to any wifi network without a password with just a single click

This is a simple technique. The majority of routers support WPS. If you don’t, this approach won’t work. This is a wonderful way to see whether you can connect to a protected wifi network without a password


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