Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2022

Best Keyboard Apps

Get the most effective Android keyboard applications of your choice for your smartphone. They determine the speed and accuracy of how you use your phone to communicate. Download the top Keyboard Apps For Android phones and make your phone smarter. Moreover, since keyboards can see every word you type, including social security and passwords, it’s essential to choose a keyboard that you are comfortable with and trust. In that regard, this is the list of keyboards that we trust and enjoy the most. They can aid us with tweets, text, or typing our posts in a packed bar.

Many of us use the pre-installed keyboard, which is most likely the Gboard keyboard or even Samsung’s. There’s a good reason why Gboard is the most popular keyboard on Android, and it’s due to its flexibility and ability to detect what you’re trying to type as you type it. Google has also added many features that allow you to customize and modify the keyboard to fit your needs.

Top 3 Keyboard Apps For You:

To find the Best keyboard Apps in the Android application, you’ll need to find the most important features to you. If you’re looking for an application that provides an improved typing experience, search for the possibility of resizing keys to fit different Android mobile phones. Perhaps you’re looking for a keyboard with the ability to swipe or use a larger variety of Emojis. Check out the best keyboard apps, we have listed below:

1) Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft SwiftKey is a smart keyboard that will learn your writing style, so you’ll be typing more quickly. Use your keyboard to type and send emojis, GIFs, and more just as you’d like. The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is constantly learning and evolving to your style of writing – which includes your slang, nicknames, and emojis. The built-in emoji keyboard includes all the emojis you’ll ever need and more. Microsoft SwiftKey learns your favorite emojis, so you’ll be able to give your friends the appropriate responses.

There are a lot of subjects to look over and redo, alongside every one of the highlights you would expect, incorporating an implicit GIF search. While it’s challenging to track down an outsider console that doesn’t have auto-remedy, SwiftKey is quite possibly of the best. The application will actually attempt to foresee what you’re talking about and afterward show it in the bar at the highest point of the console. Furthermore, on the off chance that you sign in with a Microsoft account, your settings and inclinations will be saved and can be synchronized across anything gadgets you own and utilize SwiftKey with.

SwiftKey is one of the Best Keyboard Apps that lets users write more quickly on your Android device once you’ve installed it. It can intelligently correct any mistake users make. That’s quite frequent when using touchscreen keyboards today.

SwiftKey can recognize the phrases and words you most frequently use to help you predict what you’re likely to write. In most cases, when you begin to type a word, you will see a list of possible words appear in the upper area of the keyboard. You only need to tap one of them to cause it to be displayed in the text box.

Microsoft Swiftkey App Features

  • Tap to type or swipe to type or tap to
  • Auto-text and spell checker with A.I.-powered predictions
  • Custom keyboard toolbar that includes an expandable menu of fast shortcuts
  • Utilize emojis, GIFs, and stickers to show your personality.
  • The emoji keyboard is adaptable in that it can learn and predict your top emoticons for every conversation.
  • Explore through the GIF keyboard to choose the most appropriate GIF to trigger your reaction
  • 100+ keyboard themes that are colorful and vibrant
  • Create your custom keyboard theme using your photo as the background
  • You can customize your keyboard’s size and layout.
  • The keyboard supports more than 400 languages.


2) Fleksy Keyboard App

Fleksy Keyboard is designed for Android that blends a robust, broad range of features and an attractive style that makes it among the most comprehensive keyboards found on this operating system.

This typing pad also includes prescient ideas, yet you’ll need to allow Grammarly to figure out how you type first. Maybe the most outstanding aspect, other than the remedies, is that you’ll be given a straightforward clarification with respect to why your language or expressions are inaccurate. So not exclusively will you not seem as though a dolt, however, you’ll get a few hints for future composing needs.

It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re an English teacher, author, or someone who composes sometimes, Grammarly Keyboard can prove to be useful for everybody. The console monitors what you’re composing while you’re composing to guarantee that your language and spelling is right. Furthermore, a new update brought swipe composing, an element that is now accessible on basically every other well-known console.

One of the best advantages of the Fleksy Keyboard is its useful gesture shortcuts. Simply by sliding your fingers over the display of an Android keyboard, you can perform numerous actions, like creating new words in the dictionary and deleting spaces, adding words or letters, and reversing any previous actions.

Get access to 100 beautiful themes, or design your own! Why not get an anime-themed keyboard? Make your keyboard unique and write fast and stylishly! Explore our Chameleon theme. Fleksy also offers unique designed themes handcrafted by famous artists and only available on Fleksy.

Fleksy Keyboard App Features

  • Full Emoji Keyboard
  • The Giphy full GIF keyboard
  • Custom keyboard
  • Powerful Fleksy Swipe Gesture System
  • Mini-apps that you can install on your keyboard
  • Like games of typing: keep track of your performance when you misspell
  • Keyboard sizes: Large keys keyboard to small keyboard
  • Text to Speech or Voice to input text
  • Four keyboard sounds
  • Check your spelling
  • Fast keyboard
  • Private keyboard
  • More than 65 languages


3) Facemoji keyboard

The Facemoji Keyboard is a powerful keyboard application that lets you select from hundreds of different skins that you can install on your Android device. It also offers the possibility of creating your custom skin by using photos and then customizing it to the last bit.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is a Free, Fully Customized, All-in-1 Keyboard with super-rich content and powerful features! With 5000+ Emoji, WhatsApp Stickers, Emoticon, Kaomoji, GIF, Cool Fonts, TikTok Emojis, Auto-Paste, Cute Symbols, and Stylish Themes on this emoji keyboard, Facemoji Emoji Keyboard spice up your chats and posts on WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Discord, SMS, etc. Texting has never been more fun with this hottest emoji keyboard in 2022

This Keyboard for Facemoji Emoji is a free, fully customizable, all-in-one Keyboard packed with rich features and content! With more than 5000 Emoji, WhatsApp Stickers, Emoticon, Kaomoji, GIF Cool Fonts, TikTok Emojis, and Auto-Paste. Cute symbols and stylish themes on this Emoji keyboard Facemoji Emoji Keyboard will spice up your posts and chats via WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Discord, SMS, and more.

Facemoji Keyboard is a powerful console application that allows you to look over many changed skins for your Android gadget. Furthermore, not just that: it likewise gives you the choice to make your own skin utilizing pictures and tweaking everything down to the last detail.

From the principal tab in Facemoji Keyboard, you can investigate the most famous skins existing apart from everything else, which you can undoubtedly download from the actual application. Besides you can search for explicit skins utilizing the inquiry box. Other than the skins for your console, Facemoji Keyboard likewise has heaps of sticker and emoticon packs to download and add flawlessly to your typical console.

One of the most fascinating highlights of the Facemoji Keyboard is that it allows you to make your own completely adaptable skin. You can set anything photograph you need as a foundation, pick the shade of the keys, the size of the textual style, and so forth. To put it plainly, you can make your own console. Its Keyboard is a phenomenal Android console application that offers a shocking number of customization choices. Besides, unsurprisingly, the application has an implicit spellchecker and prescient text highlight.

Facemoji keyboard App Features

  • Easy to send more than 5000 Emoji, Emoticon, Free Stickers, Emoji Art, Text Art, and GIFs.
  • GIF keyboard and Whatsapp stickers. GIF keyboard
  • Custom Keyboards and Photo Keyboards and 1000+ of the fanciest Keyboard Themes
  • Cool Fonts Keyboard & Unicode Keyboard with Symbols
  • Auto Paste keyboards and Clipboards
  • Kaomoji Keyboard Text art, Kaomoji Keyboard, and more
  • Game Keyboard for among us, Roblox and Minecraft
  • Speedy Typing and Intelligent Suggestions
  • The bilingual Keyboard is compatible with more than 100 languages, plus a built-in Translator.
  • Keyboard themes that are custom-designed Community
  • Security and privacy

The keyboard is likely to be the most popular application on any Android device, but it’s among the least appreciated. In most cases, you’ll be satisfied with the keyboard on your phone. However, you’ll soon realize that a myriad of fantastic keyboards can enhance your typing experience to the highest level. It’s easy to get comfortable with the default keyboards and stay with them for a long time, even though it’s not the most efficient choice.



These are the best Android console applications that will assist you with composing quicker, better, and with less exertion. Which console you ought to pick from the rundown is your very own choice? There’s nobody size fits all — albeit a come very near it — we’re almost certain you’ll track down your spirit console among our suggestions.

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