Best Free Weight-Loss Tracking App for Android

Best Free Weight-Loss Tracking App

Introduction: Are you trying to reduce weight but are having trouble? Perhaps you’re currently attempting to lose weight, but you could use some further assistance with tracking. Whatever your motivation, the majority of people who attempt to lose weight do so within a sustainable range. Keeping track of the calories you consume and the amount of exercise you do is one of its most crucial components. Fortunately, you can easily measure your food intake and physical activity using the free weight-loss tracking app that is available for both Android and iOS.

Monitoring your diet, improving your activity levels, and getting more motivated are just a few of the ways that track ads in weight reduction. Diet monitoring apps are a terrific method to monitor your daily caloric intake and expenditure, but they’re also incredibly helpful for managing your weight reduction objectives. I’m going to look in-depth at a couple of the top ones free weight-loss tracking app in this article that you can use for free. We selected applications that support sensible weight loss objectives and promote a holistic approach, Expert-recommended.

Top 5Free Weight-Loss Tracking App:

Free weight-Loss tracking app on our list comes with a number of features to meet a range of requirements, including group challenges, meal monitoring, and individual coaching. Strategy for losing weight. The Best Free Apps for Losing Weight are listed below;

1) Cronometer

2) My Diet Coach

3) Lose it!

4) Fat Secret

5) Jefit

Food-Tracking Apps for Losing Weight. The majority of weight-loss apps let you keep track of your meals and choose healthier foods; the programs listed here are just a few examples. Having said that, the top weight-loss apps also allow you to monitor your exercise and hydration levels and connect with wearable technology.

1. Cronometer:

Best Free Weight-Loss Tracking App for Android

The most precise and complete nutrition tracking app available is called Cronometer. Our nutritional data is handpicked from reliable sources, unlike other applications on the market. Whether you are an experienced calorie tracker or are new to active dieting,

The app tracks macronutrient objectives in addition to calories and displays a breakdown of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, carbs, lipids, and protein. You may view the date, your food diary, and a breakdown of your daily caloric intake on the homepage. It includes those who are eaten, burnt, and left behind. To add food or scan a barcode, just click the + sign at the bottom of the screen whenever you want. When you add food, you may specify the quantity and serving size and get a breakdown of the calories and all the nutrients. The “Foods” option also allows you to save recipes and meals

Cronometer is easy to download and easy to use. Consider installing Cronometer if you want to monitor all of this and more. You will be asked a few initial questions throughout the registration process, including your gender, birthdate, height, and weight. Then you will be prompted to enter your email address, choose a password, and choose a weight target. You may also register your workout, change your biometrics, and make notes on the app.


Available for Android or the iPhone Gold Membership is an optional subscription, costing $39.99 annually. The volume of nutritional tracking data you can get with a free subscription is what distinguishes this program.


2. My Diet Coach:

Are you determined to lose weight and get beach-ready? Want to feel better, look better, and perhaps turn a few heads as well? Your new favorite method to ensure that the pounds slip off easily—and permanently—will then be My Diet Coach.

Best Free Weight-Loss Tracking App

Stop depending on luck to help you lose weight. The journal part of My Diet Coach will help you keep track of every calorie you consume, and the macro tracker, menus, recipes, and daily review will ensure that you have access to all the information you require to stay on the correct path. It’s entertaining to use My Diet Coach to log your workout and count calories while maintaining motivation. You may decide how often and at what time you want to be reminded of your objective.

Along with your avatar, your goal weight and motivation will be shown on the front page of your app. The “Reminders” page lets you manage inspirational reminders and create brand-new ones for things like drinking more water and working out. Additionally, it shows inspirational images that you upload or photograph yourself and allows you to change your avatar. It is the Best Free Weight Loss Tracking App for Motivation.

My diet app is easy to download and use. Consider installing my diet app if you want to monitor all of this and more. You’ll be prompted to input your current weight and desired weight. After choosing a goal, you’ll be prompted to choose or input a motivation for achieving it.


Free Features: Barcode scanner, calorie counter, workout log, food diary, goal setting, in-app challenges, in-app prizes, nutrition tracker, progress graphs, and other features are all free.  and reminders on iPhone and Android devices are accessible. Premium Membership is an optional subscription that costs $2.99/week, $6.99/month, and $29.99/year. You can download the My Diet Coach app and create your free account also.


3. Lose It!

By utilizing tested nutrition science, rigorous behavioral statistics, and customer-centered software development for healthy, lasting weight loss, Lose It! continues to be a leader and innovator in the digital health and fitness sector.

Lose It! inspires anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, to discover and embrace life-changing behaviors that help them lead healthier lives and achieve their weight-loss objectives by providing an easy, convenient, individualized program.

Lose it! for those People who are busy. After that, you have the option of starting with the lesson or skipping it to start independently exploring the app’s capabilities. The “My Day” option displays a summary of your calorie intake for the week as well as your daily calorie allowance. Even macronutrients are present! Your daily meal journal and a breakdown of your daily calories and macronutrients may be found under the “Log” tab. You may click the entry button or use your camera to scan the food next to each meal in your food journal. The software can scan food products and determine their nutritional worth in addition to barcodes. Listed under the “Goals” page is a weight chart that spans from the most recent week to all-time

It’s quick and simple to set up. You may input your desired weight once you download Lose It! and create your free account.


Barcode scanners, calorie counters, activity logs, food diaries, goal setting, progress charts, reminders, and weight logs are all included as free features. Available for Android and iPhone. Lose It! could be worthwhile if you’re seeking a free weight loss app that you can use on the move. The free features are more than enough to start tracking your calories, food quality, and weight then, by reducing 1/2 to 2 pounds every week, you may specify how soon you’d want to attain your target. Premium Membership is an optional subscription that costs $39.99 annually.



With JEFIT, the only exercise tracker with comprehensive workout programs, HD video exercise instructions, and tools to log, manage, and organize your exercises, you can get stronger and achieve your fitness objectives.

Whether you’re a newbie weightlifter or a professional bodybuilder, use JEFIT to log your workouts at home or in the gym and get rid of your notebook. If you regularly go to the gym and require the most thorough activity tracking and training available, stop reading now. The genuine gym rat should use this weight-loss app. numerous powerful super-set workouts may be created using its hundreds of exercises, which can be chosen from an anatomical map. It also logs your progress images so you can watch the toning developing. (If interval training is something you’re also into.

Jefit is Available for iOS and Android Free. It’s easy to use and download. . Consider installing jefit app if you want to monitor all of this and more.


Free, also with Premium option ($7/month or $40/year)


5. FatSecret:

Another well-known service that gives you complete control over your weight and power is called FatSecret. This program provides precise information on the nutritional value of your meals thanks to its huge database of various items from various manufacturers. Here, you may keep tabs on your weight, exercise, load levels, and, of course, your nutrition. You may add items or create dishes on your own to obtain the most precise information.

Like other smartphone programs, FatSecret’s progress and performance tracking are synchronizable. Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, and other services are seamlessly integrated. It is one of the TOP free weight-loss tracking app when it’s come to determining your diet and body requirements, all of your burnt calories are also taken into consideration. Your most recent weight reduction is detailed in a separate table, allowing you to monitor your progress while looking at the numbers.

is Available for iOS and Android Free. It’s easy to use and download. . Consider installing the FatSecret app if you want to monitor all of this and more.


Free with a monthly premium subscription is $6.99, a quarter (three months) is $19.99, and a year is $38.99.


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