Best Free Alarm Clock App iOS

Best Free Alarm Clock App IOS

In this era, almost all of us are very dependent on our electronic devices. The days when we had big rectangle-shaped alarm clocks by our bedside are fast leaving us. We don’t need those clocks because the magic wand in our pocket we call a phone can do almost every little thing for us. There are many different types of alarm clock applications available for our choices according to our preferences. With so many options everywhere, it can be hard to find the right one for you. So, we have rounded up a list of the best free alarm clock app for iOS.

Benefits Of Alarm Apps

There’s no denying that the presence of alarm clocks as an application is a really helpful innovation for all of us. These free alarm clock app iOS are more than just alarms and offer a wide range of benefits that help improve your sleep quality, brighten your mood, let you have a personalized wake-up routine, and immensely increase your productivity.

Top 7 Best Free Alarm Clock App iOS

Now that we’ve discovered how important these apps are, let’s take a look at the list so we can start waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead

i) Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Best Free Alarm Clock App iOS

Sleep Cycle alarm clock is one of the most popular alarm apps available on the app store. This application works by using your phone’s accelerometer in order to track the user’s movements whilst they are sleeping. When the user is in the lightest sleep phase, the alarm rings. This helps you feel rested and gives you more energy to get through the day.

You can also set a time range during which you want to wake up. The app will choose the optimal waking-up time during the provided time range. There is a variety of relaxing alarm sounds that you can choose for your preferences so your waking up is extremely comfortable.

Alarm features aside, the sleep cycle also performs sleep tracking and sleep analysis. This means that it monitors your sleep and allows you to view your patterns and areas where you need improvement.


  1. Employs motion and sound analysis to follow your sleep and alert you during the lightest phase of sleep.
  2. Provides a variety of soothing alarms to choose from.


  1. Necessitates your cell phone be positioned near your bed, which may be a concern for some users.
  2. Some individuals may find the app’s abilities to track and analyze sleep to be overwhelming.

Rating: 4.7 ☆

ii) Alarmy (sleep if u can)

Best Alarm Clock App IOS

If you are someone who faces trouble getting out of bed in the morning, this might be a suitable app for you. This unique application has an interesting alarm feature that asks you to complete some task if you want to turn the alarm off (which of course you do). This helps you become alert because performing the tasks wake up parts of your brain and then when you turn the alarm off, you are already half awake.

These tasks can also be chosen according to what you want, there is a variety available for you, such as taking a photo of a specific object or shaking your phone a number of times. Once the task is completed, the alarm turns off, but you are fully awake and alert.


  1. Implies that you must complete a task or take a picture in order to turn off the alarm, this will ensure that you’re fully awake and alert.
  2. Offering a variety of customizable attributes, including multiple alarms and a customizable snooze option.


  1. Some individuals may feel that the app’s interface is too complex or confusing.
  2. The purpose and objectives of the app may not be clear or accessible to all users.

Rating: 4.8 ☆

iii) Motion Alarm Clock

Motion Alarm Clock is an unusual and innovative application that utilizes motion detection to prevent oversleeping. This app is ideal for heavy sleepers who have trouble waking up to traditional alarms, as it requires physical exertion to do so.

With Motion Alarm Clock, you can schedule an alarm for any time of day, then place your phone on a flat surface like a table or nightstand. The app will utilize your phone’s built-in motion sensor to detect movement and will sound the alarm once it detects that you’ve taken your phone out of your pocket.


  1. A unique wake-up method with a natural feeling
  2. Customizable settings with various wake-up sounds and tones


  1. Motion sensors may not work for everyone
  2. Limited customization options and potential battery drain

Rating: 4.5 ☆

iv) Alarmmon

Alarmmon is perfect for those who need a little bit of motivation to get out of bed in the morning. There is a wide range of fun and engaging mini-games that you must complete before you can turn off the alarm. This will help you feel lighter and more excited about waking up.

The games include a memory-matching game, a puzzle game, and a game where you must shake your phone. All of these games are extremely helpful in getting your brain up and running for the day. Rest assured, you will never be bored waking up with alarmmon.


  1. Offered a variety of customizable selections for alarms, including tasks and puzzles that would disable the alarm.
  2. Provides the ability to set multiple alarms and customize the snooze function to suit your preferences.
  3. Provides a variety of alarms and voice options, including soothing sounds and music, to help you get up gently.


  1. The interface and features of the app may be too complex or unfamiliar for some users.
  2. Some individuals may feel that the expensive features of the app are too expensive.
  3. The task and puzzle options in the app may be too difficult or frustrating for some users.

Rating: 4.6 ☆

v) Alarm Clock For Me

Best Free Alarm Clock App iOS

One of the most significant aspects of Alarm Clock for Me is the number of customizable options it has. Users can select from a variety of alarms that can be triggered by the device, including soothing nature sounds and melodies. The app also has a variety of customizable snooze options, allowing users to set the length of time between snoozes and the number of snoozes they’re permitted.

Other than its configurable alarm settings, Alarm Clock for Me also has a built-in flashlight that facilitates the user’s path in the dark. The app also provides information on the weather, this ensures that you’re prepared for the day ahead.


  1. Wide range of customizable alarm tones and snooze options.
  2. Built-in flashlight feature.


  1. Some users have reported issues with the app not working consistently on certain iOS devices.
  2. Some users have reported that the app can be slow to load at times.

Rating: 4.6 ☆

vi) One Touch Alarm Clock

One Touch Alarm Clock is named after its ability to set alarms with just one press. This attribute is particularly beneficial to those who want to quickly set an alarm without having to navigate through a variety of options or settings.

The app also features a variety of alarm sounds to choose from, including gentle melodies and upbeat tunes. Users can also choose to be awakened by their favorite songs from their music library.


  1. Sleep timer feature for falling asleep to music or other audio content
  2. Time and weather display on the lock screen


  1. Limited customization options compared to some other alarm clock apps
  2. Some users have reported issues with the app not working consistently on certain iOS devices

Rating: 4.5 ☆

vii) Nightstand

One of the most significant aspects of Nightstand is its ability to alter the display’s appearance via a variety of clock faces and themes. Users can choose from a variety of designs and colors to personalize the app and make it their own.

The nightstand also has a selection of alarm sounds that can be selected from, including nature sounds, classical music, and more. Users can also choose to be awoken by their favorite songs from their music library.


  1. Snooze button, gradual wake-up option, and vibration alarm
  2. Sleep timer feature for falling asleep to music or other audio content


  1. In-app ads can be a bit intrusive at times
  2. Limited options for customizing alarm settings compared to some other alarm clock apps

Rating: 4.3☆


All in all, there are many great free alarm clock apps for iOS, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re someone who needs a little extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning or someone who prefers a gentler wake-up experience, there’s an app for you.

Some of the best free alarm clock app for iOS includes sleep cycle alarm clock, Alarmy (sleep if u can), Motion Alarm Clock, Alarmmon, Alarm Clock for Me, One Touch Alarm Clock, and Nightstand. These apps can help you start your day on the right foot, leaving you refreshed and energized throughout the day.

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